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Honest travel questions direct from the Zuwaars:

Q: How do I obtain a visa?

A: Visa will be obtained with the group. 

Q: What type of clothing do I need to bring?

A: ladies must observe hijab

Q: What are accommodations like?

A: We always offer the best and closest hotel to the haram. All our hotels are 4/5 stars, American standard and provide 3 daily buffet meals a day. 

Q: What are accommodations like?

A: We always offer the best and closest hotel to the haram. All our hotels are 4/5 stars, American standard and provide 3 daily buffet meals a day. 

Q: Who are our guides?

A: Our goal is to present the best knowledgeable/motivational speakers. All of our trips include English and Urdu speakers. 

Q: Can individuals in a group depart from different locations?

A: Yes. Anyone can join us from any part of the world. 

Q: Can I take my cell phone? How can I get internet access?

A: Yes. You may take your unlocked phone to get the local Iraqi SIM card. WiFi is available in all of our hotels. 

Q: do you provide wheelchairs?

A: Yes. It can be requested at the time of the registration. 


Are you planning to perform Ziyarat Arbaeen this year?


Walking from Najaf, Iraq to Karbala, Iraq is a total of 76km (48 miles). Therefore, performing Ziyarat Arbaeen can be overwhelming at first thought. However, please remember that the walk is not just any walk. The walk commemorates the martyrdom of Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

To help you prepare for your Ziyarat Arbaeen walk, here are five ways to help you prepare:

  1. Take Frequent Walks. If your day-to-day profession requires you to be at a desk a majority of the time, then you should take frequent walks throughout the day to help you become accustomed to walking.

  2. Prepare Mentally. You may be surprised, but the walk may not be the hardest part of your Ziyarat. You may realize that all of the emotions you go through and the stories that manifest in front of you during your walk may become the hardest part for you. What you see, hear, and whom you meet will forever be with you after you finish your Ziyarat and return home.

  3. Distance Poles. 


As you begin your walk, you will notice pole markers that will allow you to identify where you are along the walk. Once you reach pole marker 1451, you have arrived in Karbala and the shrines of Imam Hussain and Hazrat Abbas. Do not count the poles, as they will distract you from tips two and three noted above. Use the poles as a way to identify where you are, and if you are performing Ziyarat as part of a group, you can use the poles as a mechanism to meet with the group every now and then.

What to pack for your Arbaeen Walk?


Here is a list of items we recommend you pack and bring with you:

  • Any medicine you are required to take and may need to take. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, please consult your physician on specific medications you should bring and take during your Ziyarat.

  • Small lightweight towel.

  • Undergarments.

  • Athletic socks that can wick moisture away from your feet and keep your feet dry. 

  • Depending on the time of year of your travel and weather, a woolen cape, hoodie, or shawl to help keep you warm.

  • Vaseline to prevent blisters on your feet. You may not realize that this will help, but here’s an article on how vaseline prevents blisters on your feet.

  • Candy/Sweets for yourself, for kids you meet along the way who are also performing Ziyarat Arbaeen, or kids who greet you with snacks, massages, or food.

Aside from knowing what to bring, you may want to have a general understanding of the etiquette of performing Ziyarat Arbaeen visiting Imam Hussain and how to prepare yourself for your Ziyarat Arbaeen walk.

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