ZIYARAT GROUP Offers Affordable Umrah Packages 2020-2021 from USA

We offers best Umrah packages cater a wide range of requirements. Our packages are designed specifically to fit your budget and schedule.  We want you to have this journey of a lifetime with your family and loved ones. Perform Umrah 2020-2021 with most trusted travel operators in North America. We want to fulfill your spiritual desires by making your visit sacred sites of Makkah and Madinah. We hope that you choose the Ziyarat Group for your spiritual journey and allow us to make it an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones. If you have any further questions about package details or booking please call us today or contact us via email.

Umrah Details

10 April - Departure

  • Departure from USA

11 April - Kazmain

  • Meet and assist at Baghdad Airport

  • Drive to Kazmain, Check in at the hotel, rest and ghusl

  • Ziyarat of  Imam Musa Kazim (AS) & Imam Mohammad Taqi (AS)

12 April - Najaf

  • Luggage must be in the lobby by 6:30AM  to check out of the hotel at 4:30AM

  • Drive to Balad for Ziyarat of  Syed Mohammed (AS) and then to Samarra for Ziyarat of Imam Ali Naqi (AS) & Imam Hasan Al-Askari (AS)

  • Drive to Najaf Al-Ashraf. Check-in at hotel in Najaf approximately at 6:00 PM

13 April - Najaf

  • Ziyarat of  Imam Ali (AS) at 9:00AM

  • Masjid Kufa, which is the fourth Holiest Masjid in the world at 3:00PM

  • Ziyarat of Hazrat Muslim Ibn-e-Aqeel (AS)

  • Ziyarat of Hazrat Mukhtar (AS)  & Hazrat Hani (AS)

  • Ziyarat of Imam Ali (AS)  house

  • Ziyarat of Hazrat Mesum Tammar (AS)

  • Majlis at Shrine of Imam Ali (AS) at 8:30PM

14 April - Najaf

  • Meeting with Ayatollah Sistani at 10:00AM

  • Masjid Hanana, Hazrat Kumail (AS)  and Masjid Sahlah after lunch at 3:00PM

  • Majlis at Shrine of Imam Ali (AS) at 8:30PM

15 April - Karbala

  • Wadi-e-Salam at 8:45AM

  • Luggage must be in the lobby by 9:30AM to check out of the hotel at 10:30AM

  • Arrival in Karbala. We will walk to the Shrine of Hazrat Abbas (AS) & Imam Hussain (AS) before checking into the hotel

  • Ziyarat of Hazrat Abbas (AS) at 4:00PM

  • Majlis at Bain-ul-Harmain 9:30PM

  • Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (AS) at 10:30PM

16 April - Karbala

  • Ziyarat of  Khaima Hussaini (AS) at 9:00AM

  • Ziyarat of  Tila-e-Zainabia (SA)

  • Ziyarat of  Muqam-e-Ali Asghar (AS)

  • Ziyarat of  Muqam-e-Ali Akbar (AS)

  • Ziyarat of  Muqam-e-Imam Zamana (AS)

  • Ziyarat of  Muqam-e-Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS)

  • Ziyarat of  Muqam-e-Al Qama

  • Majilis at Bainul Haramain at 9:30PM

17 April - Karbala

  • Ziyarat of Kaf-e-Abbas (AS) at 5:00PM

  • Museum at the shrine of Imam Hussain (AS)  & Hazrat Abbas (AS)

  • Muqam-e-Shere Fizza (SA)

18 April - Karbala

  • Ziyarat of  Hazrat Aon (AS) at 9:30AM

  • Ziyarat of  Hazrat Hur (AS)

  • Ziyarat of  Tiflan-e-Muslim (AS)

  • Ziyarat of  Imam Hussain (AS) at 5:00PM

  • Ziyarat of  Hazrat Abbas (AS)

19 April - Departure

  • Departure from Karbala to Baghdad Airport